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Coco Passed Away by aliyah15


I came back from the dance recital all happy when I got cheered on. So when I scurried to go check on Oreo and Coco in my room, which was big as the Earth. Then when I got in my room with joy+ happiness I dropped down on my knees near the cage I froze, like a statue of Lincoln because Coco was gone! I looked everywhere I could of just act
Like this’’ Oh my gosh call the police Coco is gone!” But I thought, ‘’Coco where are you at with a surprised face.” Then I heard Coco voice, there he was lying under his whole. I took him out to play with, and then I hugged Coco real soft he was so warm he felt like grandmas homemade cookies. I thought for a minute does Coco feel ok or not. Then I glided my hands through his soft fur, it felt like waves are pushing me forward them or they are going over me. Like someone wrapped me in seaweed. Then I tiptoed in the kitchen while my mom and dad were talking and I grabbed few carrots then ran back in my room.
So when I was in my room I gave my guinea pigs carrots. After I was done, I sat back down with Coco and started to pet him. Suddenly his back turned cold like icicles getting knocked down from hard and really cold wind. Then his eyes started to shut I was frightened it felt like I was in a horror movie getting chased by zombies. I yelled ’’Mom, dad Coco is not feeling well come quick.’’ So my dad ran in my room with a flashlight. He told me to excuse myself from my room so I did. I was frightened; I started to cry like rain coming down from the sky landing on a umbrella really hard. When my dad came to tell me the news that Coco was dead. I cried louder I just couldn’t take it anymore. Coco! Coco! Please come back please I miss you real much. A tear drop came down my face suddenly the tear drops went lower on my fact until it hit the ground. With a slightly sound what my ears could never hear only my crying. My dad went back in the room with a box when he came out of my room I ran to see if Coco was there then he wasn’t. Then I heard a door slam shut whoosh! I ran again to the back porch door. My mom told me, “Aliyah sweetie your dad went outside to bury him, remember he is going to be okay.” So when my dad was done he told me to go outside so I can have my goodbyes.
I frowned when my dad was done he told me, “Aliyah go ahead out there we will be here for you.” So I when I got closer to his grave I dropped down on my knees on the ground outside and I said, “Dear God take care of my guinea pig Coco because I did not want him to go there I wanted him to stay down here with me forever, so I trust you to be good to him amen.” I gave him a note to help him out then I lay it down and said, “I will remember you and you will remember me.” I love you!

Untitled by alex5


The huge Millennium Force stood there, waiting for scared passengers to hop on. It was my first ride at Cedar Point. The ride hadn’t even started yet and, of course, I felt like I was going to throw up. It felt like someone was punching my stomach as I stood there, waiting for him to arrive.
The monstrous ride stopped in front of my dad and me. We tumbled onto the monster’s back. He jerked, and we were off. We were creeping up the hill. I started thinking some terrible thoughts like, “What will happen if we get stuck at the top?” and “What if the hill collapses?”
BA-CHOOOOM! We flew down the hill. I felt I was going to die, screaming. It felt like we were faster than the speed of light. I felt like I was the loudest one of all the other screaming people.
“Oh God,” I mumbled. I could imagine all the creepy, crawly, teeny, tiny, monsters thinking about the tasty snacks that were about to enter there cave-like home up in the tunnel ahead on the ride. I remembered my mom telling me about a hidden camera somewhere on the ride. She and her sisters would make funky faces and people would look at them crazily.
We darted into the tunnel. A blinding light filled the tunnel for a few seconds. Then we heard a loud SNAP! “I think I found the camera,” I thought. I grinned as our eyes got flooded with sunlight.
Sadly, the ride came to an end. I felt dizzy and tumbled down the exit ramp. I was screaming the whole time. I started laughing when I saw my mom’s hair. She looked like she lived in a used hair dryer and lived without a hairbrush.
“That was awesome!” my brother and I screamed simultaneously. My mom, my dad, my brother, and I started laughing, and then walked to another ride.

Untitled by ali6


Run run “ha I beat you” I figure skated down the hallway. Meow “ oops I forgot to feed Abby you know Abby I just love going back in my memory and to think about the day I first saw you well that was also the day we got you”…..
It was a very sunny day and snowy of course it was the end of December and another day of school and happiness . It was mostly happiness because the other day my mom told me that we would be getting a brand new kitten. I haven’t even seen her yet so it is a mystery! Today I was super-duper happy because I was sure that it was the day we were getting the kitten. So when I got home I knew I was right because my mom told me to look out for a surprise.
So there I was standing there in my living room wondering “were could she be” I looked at the yellow, tan, and cream couches and floors . I just couldn’t find her maybe I was just stupid, maybe it was just a present like a toy or something. So I just took a break and sat on the couch.
PLOP “aw a cute fuzzy tiny itsy bitsy little LION sat in my hands oh my gosh mom she is so cute I love her”.
I played and sat with her the rest of the night. I even got to help name her. Her name is Abigail Gretchen Hoover . We call her Abby for short. That night I ran upstairs to write a letter to my grandma about Abby and my Grandma she wrote back and she said she adored the letter. Abby is a Himalayan cat she is tan, grey, cream, and black.
“So did you like the story Abby” meow. “ Well I got to go “. When I got to Applebee’s I said to my mom and dad. “No wonder we couldn’t find Abby she was the color of the couch oh and did anyone feed Abby because I didn’t.

Untitled by jacob12


Coldwater Road was living up to half of its name this year for Thanksgiving. Just a cold crispy night, everyone was full from the turkey and some of the family had already left. Young Alyssa was playing with her cousin Madison, till she left Alyssa to get on her purple snow-pants. She knew what Madison wanted to do. Alyssa wanted to do the same. With the help of Mom, she got on her pink snow-pants to go out into the snowy night.
“Jacob! Watch me jump into that snow pile!” Alyssa asked.
In response, I said, “Ok and I will go in there too.” So while I got my snow-pants on, she scampered across the carpet, plunged into the snow. Then, she was gone!
Still in the building, I searched and searched across the sea of vast white and thought, “Did she go in a hole? Did a white clocked magician put her in his hat?” I did not know.
Mom had seen the whole thing. Mom told me to get my winter clothing and “fish her out of the snow”. It was a challenge walking though that frozen sea. The wind whistled through the leafless trees. The bright moonlight seemed to be the only thing helping me. Or was it?
Without that bright pink hat I wouldn’t have found her. Her teeth chattered, her muscles shivered, her face was frozen. Alyssa slowly went to sleep.
The next morn, Alyssa said to me, “Jacob, I’m never going to jump into the snow again.”
Two days later…
“Jacob, I’m going to jump into the snow!”
“Oh-no” I thought. Plop Plop, Plop, Plop, leap, and splat!
“Jacob…” Mom started.
“I know, I know, I will fish her out of the snow… AGAIN!” I yelled back.

She’s Gone by emma22


Could this day get any scarier? I’m leaving my house and also I’m leaving every pet in the house. The pet that I really didn’t want to leave was Sunshine, she was my first pet. I went to go and check on her before we left. I unlocked the cage and went to go and pet her fur before we left the state. Her fur felt like a soft marshmallow touching my right and left hands, and every fingertip touched the black spotted marshmallow. Of course I did know she was going to be “okay”, because my grandpa was going to check on her and feed her every day. Before I left, her wet nose touched mine and she sniffed my hand and I closed the cage and went to the car.
Being in Myrtle Beach was a blast! The sun was beaming on my skin. But my pets were the only thing that was on my mind, even Logan screaming in the background, saying “Let’s do that again!!!” didn’t even sidetrack me.
I wished Sunshine were here with me. We got back to the condo that afternoon for lunch, and mom had a missed call on her cell phone, it read… “Missed call!!! GRANDPA WYKES!”
My mom called him back to see what the matter was. I hadn’t heard all of their conversation… but I did hear the last part, “Ok thanks for telling us about that, bye.” She pressed end and told us about the conversation.
“What did he want?” I mumbled with my mouth full of macaroni, “Wasn’t Grandpa just supposed to watch our pets?”
My mom totally ignored me, like I didn’t say a word. “Grandpa called to tell us that Sunshine had died… she’s gone.”

That night I kept on swarming in my non comfortable condo bed and thought, thought, and thought. “He’s kidding… he always jokes around with things… he has to be joking with me.”
A few days later we had got home from the beach. I sprinted out of the car to go look in the cage but where was Sunshine? I had scurried over to my grandpa and inquired, “Where is Sunshine?” He didn’t say a word, he just did a motion, and he pointed over to our yard. I was puzzled like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. What was he pointing to? I finally got it, Sunshine had really died, and my grandpa really wasn’t joking. How could I have thought that he was kidding?
For days I was thinking about Sunshine. Every night I went to bed, every time we did prayers at the dinner table, and even at church. I didn’t chat and I couldn’t even sleep. This was a huge change in my life.
But I had a big question, “Did I lock that cage when I went to go say bye for the week?”
But that inquiry has never been answered. I still think about her today. It was many years ago, but little things can be a huge difference. I just think about her every night and every morning. The biggest thing that I remember is the last time I stroked her fur and locked that cage.

Untitled by melanie3


“Go!” he exclaimed at KC. “Just do it” “Fine I’ll do it, but it’s your fault if I break anything.” “ Ok “ said Chase. “ Well you’ve done it before, why not now?” asked Chase. “ Yeah with like a three foot hill.” “Well just imagine it’s little,” Chase mumbled. I was sitting on the couch, staring persistently. Suddenly Chloe screeched. The fighting stopped. “Ok, I already said yes,” said KC.
The next thing I knew I was getting my bike and everyone else was too. We flew down the road the wind slapping my face. I could feel the excitement in the air. We stopped. At the end of the subdivision stood the hill. There were two hills, the small one and the big one. As you probably guessed KC was trying to go over the big one. Everyone peddled over the small one but KC peddled and peddled and rode up and just about flew into the air when he jumped, but all of a sudden it seemed time had stopped and while it felt like everything and everyone was froze when he was in the air. While it was like that, I was overjoyed and so was everyone else.
We were so proud when he got to the ground. He was so happy, but wasn’t careful enough and tumbled off of his bike and smashed into the ground! When he did he tore his pants! He got up and dusted himself off, stared at himself and then at us, and started laughing. Everyone else just stared at him for a minute and then started laughing too.
We sprinted past the houses, flew up the driveway and came to a halt. He threw his bike into the garage with a loud CRASH!!! He walked up into the garage, stopped and turned to say “You know what I think. Chase owes me some new pants”

Going Donuts by jake7


If you’ve ever driven a go kart it is easy. But getting to drive this kind is sort of hard.
“Mom can we drive the go kart!” said Brad.
“Let Jake drive too,” said Lori.
“Ok,” said Brad. RRRRRRRrrrrrrr! RRRRRRrrrrrrrr! “It won’t start,” said Brad.
“Let it sit a couple seconds ok, it works with my snowmobile the first time I try to start it every year,” I said. “VVVVVVVRRRROMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” went the little go kart. “Where do you want me to put this stuff?” I asked. We had to pull the go kart out because of all the stuff in his garage like bikes, golf bags, and other stuff.
“I drive first!” hooted Brad with a happy voice.
“Ok,” I groaned. When we took off we drifted on to the grass and took off on to the other driveway and went to turn around and he started doing donuts but first he slowed down and gunned it. I started hanging on for life then he slowed down and left. “WWWAAAHHHOOO!!!” I yelled at the top of my longs. It felt like my blood was rushing through my veins faster than a car with nos. “EEEERRRR!!!” went the gravel. “STRAIGHTEN OUT!!!!” I said that because we couldn’t tear up the grass. Brads mom said to take it easy.
“Your turn,” said Brad.
“OK!” I said. I felt like a 16 year old. I took off. No spin on the tires, but then I gassed it and we took off like a bullet. I drifted onto the gravel and took off to his shed [the turnaround]. I didn’t do a donut like Brad did but I tried to. I shot the little kart back to the grass and turned around. I gunned it back to the turnaround and missed the drift again and again
“Don’t do three donuts ok,” said Brad. So I went back and finally did two donuts at once! “STOP!!!!” said Brad. His brother Nick and my brother Jordan wanted to drive. Brad and I had to go park it.
When we got out I said “That is pretty beast.”
Then Brad said, “Pretty cool huh?”
When my mom got there Lori, Brad’s mom said, “They were good. They had a four hour nerf war this morning.”
Then my mom told Lori, “You can come over and ride whenever.”
“Thanks!” said Lori “We will come over soon. At least try to.”
If you’ve ever drove a go kart it’s easy. You press the gas and go, unless it’s out.